Sunday, 29 April 2012


Let's celebrate the labor

That built up this great land

From field to field to desk to desk

They built it hand in hand

Thank you, carpenters

Thank you, welders

Thank you, workers all!

Thank you, farmers

Thank you, machinists

For contributions great and small

On May 1st, let's remember

The sweat and elbow grease

That gave us all of our comforts

Our gratitude shall never cease

Thank you, cleaners

Thank you, counselors

Thank you, workers all!

Thank you, protectors

Thank you, processors

Without you, surely we'd fall!

Don't let us forget the workers

Who for us labor each day

Building our houses and stores

Let us be grateful when we pray

Thank you, nurses

Thank you, doctors

Thank you, workers all!

Thank you, teachers

Thank you, artists

You've done well, so proudly stand tall!

Thank you workers

Happy Labor Day

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